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From the small island of Jamaica, I started off being excited about Sociology. I then decided I needed to further my studies, and was advised HR would be a great choice to go with Sociology. That was the best advice I received as I now eat, sleep, and breathe HR.​


Now living in Toronto, as a Career Coach, helping other professionals such as yourself gives me great joy. Witnessing time after time the growth of individuals, who have stopped believing in themselves, to now becoming successful in their careers. There is no way, I could turn back after that. 

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Introverts can take charge !

As an introvert who embarked on the transformative journey of career coaching in 2019, I always brings a refreshing and empathetic approach to the world of professional development. Having experienced the challenges of navigating a career path as an introvert, I understand the power of authenticity. 

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Why Work With Me?

As the renowned reggae artist Buju Banton aptly said, 'It's not an easy road,' but one thing is certain—the journey is undeniably worth it. I stand as a career coach with the knowledge and qualifications to guide you toward success.

My passion lies in crafting success stories, I enter each coaching session with a fervent determination to make your journey as remarkable as possible. Acknowledging the unique challenges that individuals face in their careers, I offer more than just expertise; I offer a personalized approach.

 Success awaits, and I am ready to be your guide.

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